Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cougar Relays

This Friday and Saturday we will be competing at the Cougar Relays in Kearns, Ut. across from the Olympic Oval. The schedule of events is as follows:

The Cougar Relays is a fun early season meet to give every member of your team a chance to compete, try different events , and score for the team.
Date: Friday and Saturday March 19, 20
Start times : Coaches meeting Friday 3:00P.M.
Friday events 3:30 P.M
Saturday events 9:00 A.M.
Location: Cougar Stadium at Kearns High School
5525 Cougar Lane (4800 West)
Kearns , Utah, 84118
Cost: $5.00 per relay team please make checks payable to Kearns High School
(example: if you ran 5 girls relays and 4 boys relays =$45)
Registration: Please register on www.athletic.net by Wednesday ,March 17, 2010 (this time is needed to clear up any problems before the meet date.)
*** please be careful to register each athlete in the correct division , Frosh- Soph. or varsity.)
Awards: team trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams (the boys and girls score together as on school team.)
Engraved batons for each winning relay team in any division.
Scoring: The meet will be scored as a combined men’s and women’s team.
Freshmen- Sophomore relays score three places 5,3 ,1 toward the total team score
Varsity relays score 8 places 10,8 6,5,4,3,2,1
The field and track events are held on different days for the two divisions (frosh-soph, and varsity.) This allows athletes to avoid having to run from a field event to a running event and back, and thus allowing a better performance in both venues.
Friday : Varsity field events and Frosh-Soph. track events
Saturday: Frosh – Soph. field events and Varsity track events
Friday order of events:
Varsity Field events…each relay team consists of only 4 athletes the best marks of each athlete are totaled for the team mark.
3:30 P.M. Boys’s discus 6:00 P.M. Girl’s discus (3 throws)
Girl’s javelin Boy’s javelin (3 throws)
Girl’s high jump Boy’s high jump (3 throws)
Boy’s long jump Girl’s long jump (3 jumps)
Boy’s pole vault
Boy’s and girl’s shot put,( boy’s north ring , girl’s south) 3 throws
( schools will be placed in flights to avoid having to compete in
more than one event at a time.)
7:30 P.M. Boy’s and Girl’s triple jump.
Frosh-Sophomore track relays: (girls precede boys in every relay)
4x3200 (this will be run with Cross country scoring) Limited to 4 runners from each school. The four times being totaled for the team mark.)
100 Shuttle Hurdle relay 110 shuttle hurdle relay
Thrower’s 4x100 (all participants in this relay must throw the shot or discus in this meet!!!)
Co-ed sprint medley (girl 100, boy 100, girl 200, boy 400)
Medley relay (200,200,400,800)
Distance Medley (1200,400, 800, 1600)
Saturday events will follow the same order.

Event limits: 4 events per athlete per day. (an athlete could compete in 8 different relays over the two day meet.)
***Freshmen and Sophomores may compete on both the Varsity and Frosh –Sophomore relays but Juniors and Seniors can only compete on varsity relays.
***A good sophomore high jumper could jump varsity on Friday and then jump on the Frosh – Soph. team on Saturday.
*** only two heats of each relay will be run. Lanes will be filled in the order of registration. Any open lanes will be filled in the bull- pen 30 minutes prior to each relay,
We will run two heats of the 3200 in each division determined by time. This is the only event we need marks on.

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