Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cougar Relays Information

Coaches and athletes, we are excited to invite you to the 2nd annual Cougar Relays.

DATES: Friday and Saturday March 18-19, 2011

LOCATION: Kearns High School, 5525 Cougar Lane, Kearns , Utah

SANCTION: While we are sanctioned by the UHSAA we have chosen not to be a qualifying meet for several reasons. We are an early season meet and do not want to chance one of your qualifying meets on weather and athlete preparation. Many of our events are not state events and most important of all this is a meet to have fun, let athletes try new events and learn to love the team concept of track and field, without the pressure to qualify for the state meet.

DIVISIONS: We will be running two divisions, a freshman / sophomore division and a junior/senior division. (Freshmen and sophomores may run in the older division BUT juniors and seniors cannot compete in the younger division.)

EVENT LIMITATIONS: Each athlete is allowed 4 events per day. For example an athlete may compete in four field events on one day and four running events the next day. A freshman or sophomore may compete in a varsity field event on Friday and the same event with the younger relay team on Saturday. Each school will be allowed only one relay per classification and gender classification.

HEATS AND FLIGHTS: We are placing a two heat limit on all running events. Please register early to insure the events you want. The first heat will be seeded by time. Times are not required at registration unless you desire to be in the seeded heat.
FIELD EVENTS: You are allowed four athletes per relay team. The teams mark is determined by totaling the best jump or throw of each of those four athletes. Individuals are invited to participate but you need four athletes to score for the team.

SCORING: The boys and girls are scored as one team. We have a couple of co-ed relays.
The freshmen/ sophomore relays score three places, 1st = 5pts 2nd =3pts and 3rd place scores one point toward the total team score. ( our younger athletes have a chance to help the team place, and feel more a part of the team.)
Varsity relays score eight places 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

AWARDS: Each winning relay will receive a baton. We will award trophies to the three highest scoring schools.

REGISTRATION FEES: $5 per relay team with a $200 maximum for the school.
(If you were to compete in all 70 relays your cost is still only $200.)

Field events and running events are competed on different days. This allows the athlete not to worry about a running relay while they are competing in a field event. We have found that marks seem to be better. We also stagger the flights so throwers do not have to be in two places at once.

Freshman/sophomore running events

Varsity field events


3:30 P.M. women’s high jump, men’s long jump, men’s discus, women’s javelin , men’s and women’s shot put, women’s pole vault

6:00 P.M. men’s high jump, women’s long jump, men’s javelin women’s discus, men’s pole vault, and the completion of the shot put.In the throws and long jump we will have four throws and no finals.

7:30 P.M.(or at the completion of the women’s long jump) men’s and women’s triple jump.
The freshmen/sophomore running events will begin at 4:00 P.M. The women will compete first in each event.

Varsity running events
Freshman/sophomore field events

8:30A.M. Coaches meeting

9:00 A.M. running events begin

9:00 A.M. women’s high jump, women’s pole vault , men’s long jump , women’s javelin, men’s discus, men’s and women’s shot put

11:30 A.M. men’s high jump, men’s pole vault, women’s long jump, men’s javelin, women’s discus, completion of men’s and women’s shot put
1:00 P.M. men’s and women’s triple jump

4x3200 All athletes will run together in this event with the four times of your athletes added together for the team time. (We are not so cruel as to make you sit through a true relay.)If necessary we will run two heats with the first being the fast heat.

Shuttle hurdle relay



9th /10th grade throwers 4x100 (only athletes who will compete in the shot and discus and will not be in any other running events are allowed.)


Co-ed sprint medley (girl 100 boy 100 girl 200 boy 400)

Medley relay (200, 200, 400,800)

Distance medley (1200,400,800,1600)


Co-ed 4x400

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Outdoor Season Underway...

To celebrate our lovely spring weather we started the outdoor season yesterday. A couple of notes you need to know.

*If you are coming directly from a winter sport you need 4 practices before you compete, otherwise you need to have 9 practices.

*You need to have a physical on file with the office before you can practice.

*You should be at practice unless it is an emergency or something that cannot be scheduled at another time. 2nd unexcused absence and you are no longer on the team.

*Bring your positive attitude and willingness to be coached and work hard and we will have a great year!

Schedule 2011

3/18-19- Cougar Relays-Kearns
3/26- Bulldog Invitational-Provo (b) Green River Invite
4/7- Shelly Invitational- Shelly, ID (2 p.m. start)
4/13- Evanston Ivitational
4/16- Tiger Invite- Rock Springs
4/23- Roy Peck Invite- Riverton
4/27- Dave Draney Invite
4/30- Wyo Classic (Qualifying Meet)
5/4- Jackson Invite
5/6-Soda Springs (JV)
5/ 7- BYU (Qualifying Meet)
5/13-14- Regionals @ Rock Springs
5-19-21- State @ Casper

*We will stick to this as weather/circumstances permit