Monday, December 27, 2010

Banner Hanging

All girls who competed for us last year are welcome to be at the boys Basketball game tomorrow night VS. Jackson. We will unveil the banner and recognize you all for your tremendous effort next year. Hopefully that will get you fired up for a new season! We will be starting practice on Monday 1/3 @ 3:50 after school. Have a great break!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Indoor 2011

Yes, it's right around the corner, we will be starting indoor workouts in about a month. Practice will officially kick off after Christmas break on 1/3. Here is our competition schedule for this season.

1/3 Report to practice
1/7&8 USU Track Camps (optional)
1/14-15 BYU - Provo, UT
1/21-22- Weber State - Ogden, UT
2/4-5- Olympic Oval- Kearns, UT
2/17-19 Simplot- Pocatello, ID*
3/4-5 State Indoor- Gillette, WY

*qualifying times must be met to compete with the team at this meet

If you have been competing in a fall sport, continue to rest. If you haven't you need to see your event coach for some drills/plans to get some fitness to start the season.

Monday, August 23, 2010


The 2010 Track & Field Lady Braves make history by landing the school's first 4A State Championship banner and the first girl's track and field banner in school history. It came down to the last event but experience, tenacity, and guts pulled it out. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. Parents, coaches, athletes-seniors, we will miss you...thanks for your effort and sacrifice. To those of us who are still here it's time to get back to work...dealing with success is often more difficult than dealing with adversity.

Here is a link to some video from the Casper-Star Tribune with Audrey and the rest of the team after the meet

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Senior Recognition/Highlight Film

Senior recognition and the season highlight film will take place tonight at 5 p.m. at the high school. Bring your family and a dessert to share and we'll wrap up what has been a memorable and amazing season.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Regionals this weekend!

Regional Track & Field is this weekend. The bus will be leaving at 5 a.m. sharp on Friday. We will stay the night and be back Saturday evening. Spectators will be charged $4 to watch. Here is the order of events. Check with your athlete to see what events/if they will be competing this weekend.

Friday, May 14th

Friday, May 14th

Field Events

8:00 AM Implement and Vaulter Weigh-In @ Wolves Stadium
9:00 AM Pole Vault - Boys Followed by 4A Girls
Long Jump - Girls
Discus - Boys
11:30 AM High Jump - Girls
2:00 PM Long Jump - Boys
Shot Put - Girls

Running Events

9:00 AM 800 Meter Run Finals
9:40 AM 100 Meter Int. Hurdles Prelims
110 Meter Int. Hurdles Prelims
10:40 AM 100 Meter Dash Special Needs - Tracey
100 Meter Dash Prelims
11:30 AM 300 Meter Low Hurdles Prelims
300 Meter Int. Hurdles Prelims


2:00 PM 200 Meter Dash Prelims
2:45 PM Meter Run Finals
4:15 PM 4x100 (400 M) Meter Relay Finals
5:00 PM 400 Meter Dash Prelims

Saturday, May 12th

8:00 AM Implement and Vaulter Weigh In

Field Events

9:00 AM Triple Jump - Boys
Discus - Girls
11:30 AM High Jump - Boys
2:00PM Triple Jump - Girls
Shot Put - Boys

Running Events

9:00 AM 4x800 (3200 M) Meter Relay Finals
10:00 AM 100 Meter Int. Hurdles Finals
110 Meter High Hurdles Finals
11:15 AM 100 Meter Dash Finals
11:30 AM Presentation of Southwest District Administrators Association 4-A Athletes

1:00 PM 400 Meter Dash Finals
1:35 PM 1600 Meter Run Finals
3:00PM 300 Meter Low Hurdles Finals
300 Meter Int. Hurdles Finals
3:30PM 200 Meter Dash Finals
4:30 PM 4x400 (1600 M) Meter Relay Finals

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Green River has just canceled their meet for Friday. We are scrambling to try and pick something up for Saturday. We will know at practice tonight if we can pull something off.

The Dave Draney Invitational will go ahead as scheduled on the 27th @ noon. ALL SVHS Athletes will be participating in this meet. We will take those who qualify to Casper for the Wyoming Classic Next Friday. THERE WILL BE NO MEET ON SATURDAY in Casper. We will all go to both Jackson and Soda Springs the following week. Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preston Results

Solid work this last Friday, with the girls dominating the meet and the boys pulling in a solid 5th. The pieces are coming together and we're figuring out how to rack up the team points. A nice stepping stone for us as we head into conference action

Preston Invitational Results

Rock Springs Order of Events-Saturday

April 17, 2010


Boys TJ - Pit #2 Girls LJ - Pit #1
Boys SP - Pit #2 Girls DISC - Disc #2
Boys PV Girls HJ - Pit #2

9:00 AM 4 x 800 Relay Girls/Boys Finals Alley Green - One Turn Stagger

9:30 AM 100 M. Int Hurdles Girls Prelims

10:00 AM 110 M. High Hurdles Boys Prelims

10:20 AM 100 M Dash Girls/Boys Prelims

BREAK (about 11:00)

12:00 PM 100 M. Int Hurdles Girls Finals

12:10 PM 110 M. High Hurdles Boys Finals

12:20 PM 100 M Dash Girls/Boys Finals

Special Olympics 100 M Dash (athletes line the straight away)

12:30 PM 1600 M Run Girls/Boys Finals Alley Green - One Turn Stagger

Boys LJ - Pit #1 Girls TJ - Pit #2
Boys DISC - DISC #2 Girls SP - PIT #2
Boys HJ - HJ #2 Girls PV

1:15 PM 4 x 100 Relay Girls/Boys Finals

1:35 PM 400 M Dash Girls/Boys Finals

2:15 PM 300 M Low Hurdles Girls Finals

300 M Inter. Hurdles Finals

2:55 PM 800 M Run Girls/Boys Finals Alley Green - One Turn Stagger

3:35 PM 200 M Dash Girls/Boys Finals

4:00 PM 3200 M Run Girls/Boys Finals Alley Green - One Turn Stagger

5:00 PM 4 x 400 Relay Girls/Boys Finals Three Turn Stagger


Monday, April 5, 2010

Preston Friday

Varsity athletes will be competing in Preston this Friday. Field events start at 2:30 and track events at 3:30. We will post entries on the wall tomorrow. Order of events will be as follows:

All Field events
Medley Relays
100/110 hurdles

Monday, March 22, 2010


For some unknown reason the Bulldog Invitational in Provo is not happening this weekend. To sneak in some competition before spring break we will be running in an open meet this Wednesday at Westside High School in Dayton, ID which is located by Preston.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cougar Relays

This Friday and Saturday we will be competing at the Cougar Relays in Kearns, Ut. across from the Olympic Oval. The schedule of events is as follows:

The Cougar Relays is a fun early season meet to give every member of your team a chance to compete, try different events , and score for the team.
Date: Friday and Saturday March 19, 20
Start times : Coaches meeting Friday 3:00P.M.
Friday events 3:30 P.M
Saturday events 9:00 A.M.
Location: Cougar Stadium at Kearns High School
5525 Cougar Lane (4800 West)
Kearns , Utah, 84118
Cost: $5.00 per relay team please make checks payable to Kearns High School
(example: if you ran 5 girls relays and 4 boys relays =$45)
Registration: Please register on by Wednesday ,March 17, 2010 (this time is needed to clear up any problems before the meet date.)
*** please be careful to register each athlete in the correct division , Frosh- Soph. or varsity.)
Awards: team trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams (the boys and girls score together as on school team.)
Engraved batons for each winning relay team in any division.
Scoring: The meet will be scored as a combined men’s and women’s team.
Freshmen- Sophomore relays score three places 5,3 ,1 toward the total team score
Varsity relays score 8 places 10,8 6,5,4,3,2,1
The field and track events are held on different days for the two divisions (frosh-soph, and varsity.) This allows athletes to avoid having to run from a field event to a running event and back, and thus allowing a better performance in both venues.
Friday : Varsity field events and Frosh-Soph. track events
Saturday: Frosh – Soph. field events and Varsity track events
Friday order of events:
Varsity Field events…each relay team consists of only 4 athletes the best marks of each athlete are totaled for the team mark.
3:30 P.M. Boys’s discus 6:00 P.M. Girl’s discus (3 throws)
Girl’s javelin Boy’s javelin (3 throws)
Girl’s high jump Boy’s high jump (3 throws)
Boy’s long jump Girl’s long jump (3 jumps)
Boy’s pole vault
Boy’s and girl’s shot put,( boy’s north ring , girl’s south) 3 throws
( schools will be placed in flights to avoid having to compete in
more than one event at a time.)
7:30 P.M. Boy’s and Girl’s triple jump.
Frosh-Sophomore track relays: (girls precede boys in every relay)
4x3200 (this will be run with Cross country scoring) Limited to 4 runners from each school. The four times being totaled for the team mark.)
100 Shuttle Hurdle relay 110 shuttle hurdle relay
Thrower’s 4x100 (all participants in this relay must throw the shot or discus in this meet!!!)
Co-ed sprint medley (girl 100, boy 100, girl 200, boy 400)
Medley relay (200,200,400,800)
Distance Medley (1200,400, 800, 1600)
Saturday events will follow the same order.

Event limits: 4 events per athlete per day. (an athlete could compete in 8 different relays over the two day meet.)
***Freshmen and Sophomores may compete on both the Varsity and Frosh –Sophomore relays but Juniors and Seniors can only compete on varsity relays.
***A good sophomore high jumper could jump varsity on Friday and then jump on the Frosh – Soph. team on Saturday.
*** only two heats of each relay will be run. Lanes will be filled in the order of registration. Any open lanes will be filled in the bull- pen 30 minutes prior to each relay,
We will run two heats of the 3200 in each division determined by time. This is the only event we need marks on.

Outdoor Season Schedule 2010

3/19-20- Cougar Relays- Kearns
3/27- Bulldog Invitational- Provo
4/9- Preston Invitational- Preston, ID
4/17- Tiger Invitational- Rock Springs
4/23- Green River Invitational
4/27- Dave Draney Invitational- SVHS
4/30- Wyoming Classic- Casper (must qualify)
4/31- Casper Invite
5/5- Jackson Invite
5/7- Soda Springs Invitational- (JV)
5/14-15- Regionals @ Green River (4 per event)
5/20-22- State @ Casper

Monday, March 1, 2010

State Indoor Information

We will be leaving Thursday at 3:00 for state in Laramie. I am finishing up entries and like our chances at getting some hardware on the "glazed doughnut." Get ready to jump high, throw far, and run fast! Meet information HERE.

We will be leaving at 3 p.m. tomorrow. Dress up for the lovely trip to Laramie. Because it is a culminating event we will feed you the entire weekend. Get ready to compete! We will be home late Saturday night.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Olympic Oval

UHSTCA Invitational Championships
February 5 and 6 , 2010 @ the Olympic Ice Oval
th th
5662 South 4800 West Cougar Lane
DIRECTIONS: Take I-215 south to 4700 south. Go west on 4700 south to Bangerter Highway.
Turn left on Bangerter and go south to 5300 south. Take a right on 5300 and go west to 4800 west.
Take a left on 4800 west (Cougar Lane). The Olympic Ice Oval is on the west side of the road. You
really can’t miss it.
1. The cost to enter the meet is $4.00 per athlete for the first event and $2.00 for each additional.
Please be honest about this. Registration will be done at Registration day of the meet
will be $10.00 First event and $5.00 For each additional. Spectators will be charged $3.00 per individual.
All field event participants must check in at Ice Oval. All throwing implements must be weighed in and
verified at Kearns Rec Center before their event begins.
2. Payment must be made for all athletes entered. Athletes will be stamped upon payment of fee
and this will allow them to compete.
3. All athletes in running events must report to the Clerking Area (bullpen) at first call.
Athletes will be scratched from the event on second call and heat and lane assignments will be made at
that time.
4. The first running event will start at 9:00 am. Events will follow the order listed. There will be no
time schedule. Athletes must pay close attention to the calls as they are made.
5. Field events will start at the time listed. High jump, Long jump and pole vault will be held at the
ice oval on Friday evening. Shot put will be held at Kearns Rec Center on Friday evening.
6. Medals will be awarded the top three finishers in individual events and the first place relay team.
7. Six places will be scored for team competition.
8. Spikes (3/16") are allowed. Shoes must be brought to the Clerking Area where they will be
9. Spikes can only be used on the track. There will be a $50 fine for any athlete found wearing their
spikes in areas off the track.
10. Warmup is allowed on the track as long as it does not cause a problem with an event.
11. USATF officials will be officiating the meet. I do need help taking money, doing results, and
handing out awards. Please let me know if you have anyone that can help, email me at
Saturday, Feb. 6
Events will run ahead of the time listed whenever possible.
9:00 am- 60m HH Prelims
60m Dash Prelims
1600m Run
4 x 200
60m HH Finals
60m Dash Finals
400m Dash
800m Run
200m Dash
3200m Run
4 x 400m Relay
4 x 800 Relay
Friday, Feb. 5
3:00 pm Check in all Field Events (Ice Oval)
4:00 pm- Boys’ Shot Put (Kearns Rec Center)
4:00 pm- Girls’ Long Jump (ice oval)
4:00 pm- Boys’ High Jump (ice oval)
4:00 pm- Boys’/Girls’ Pole Vault (ice oval)
5:30 pm- Girls’ Shot Put (Kearns Rec Center)
5:30 pm- Girls’ High Jump (ice oval)
5:30 pm- Boys’ Long Jump (ice oval)
6:30 pm- Boys’ Triple Jump
6:30 pm- Girls’ Triple Jump

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weber State

Here is a link for information on the meet this weekend. We will be leaving at 11:40 on Friday and returning around 10 p.m. on Saturday evening. As always you are responsible for meals on Friday and we'll take care of Saturday. Time to get to work!

Weber State Developmental Indoor Meet

Rocking It at BYU

Excellent work this weekend folks! We are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were at this time last year. Multiple athletes qualified for Simplot, set school records, and came home with hardware and t-shirts to show for their efforts. We had the second largest team at the meet! Keep up the great work and times/marks will continue to improve.

New School Records:

Sean Smith- Shot/Weight
Audrey West- 200m
Hailey Ricks- 1600m
Girls-4x322m relay

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The first meet of the year is upon us. We will check out uniforms Thursday at practice. Remember you need all your practices this year to go to Provo this weekend. The bust will LEAVE the HS at 11:45 on Friday. You are responsible to bring your gear/best dress and are responsible for meals on Friday. The meet starts at 5:00 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Saturday. We will travel home a.s.a.p. when the meet is over. Traditionally we get home around 10:30 Saturday night. More meet information at

Monday, January 4, 2010


Practice officially starts today! Hopefully you have had a good break and are ready to get things going again. Please meet by the auxiliary gym at 3:50 ready to work out. We will also be having our annual parent's meeting in the auditorium at 5:30 this Thursday after practice. Time to get after it!